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Let our experts decide what proper equipment you should be using to maximize your scores. These include arsenal building, the right coverstocks, brand differences, ball weight and the correct weighting strategies (finger weight, top weight, weight holes, etc.) to use to complement your game.



Don’t give or throw away that old ball yet. With our proven resurfacing unit, we can revive your bowling ball back to box condition.



Using modern layout techniques, let us tailor the layouts of your equipment to give you the best reactions. Using your PAP and other factors, we can help produce different rolls and reactions necessary for you to excel on easy or tough lane conditions.



We strive to get the most relaxed and correct fit for your grip. Using the latest fitting techniques, we teach you the proper spans and pitches for your hand and style. With our computerized state-of-the-art drill presses, we can accurately input the exact measurements for the most precise fit every time.

Ball Maintenance


Let us teach you how to maximize your ball life with our ball maintenance strategies. Using our spinner we can quickly get your ball back to box finish or fine tune the reaction for better pin carry. We sell products that you can use on your own as well to keep them reacting the way you want them to.



We offer the latest instruction for beginning to advanced bowlers. Video lessons are available as well. Sign up for a series of lessons or get a free lesson with the purchase of a new ball. And if you need a quick tip on a specific problem just ask!  We’ll be glad to help you.



Drilling Services

Reactive:  $50
Plastic: $40
Junior Bowlers: $30

Surface Adjustments

Resurface: $30
Clean and Polish: $5
Sand Ball: $4


Finger Inserts: $10
Thumb Slug: $10
Interchangeable Thumb Hardware: $15
Interchangeable Thumb: $25


Individual lessons are $65/hour and include lineage.  Five lesson packages are available for $275.00.

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